What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is an Enterprise Content Management System under an Open Source license. We have initiated the project and are the main contributor.

What we can do for you

We conceive and implement professional, custom-tailored solution on the Cinnamon platform.

Key properties of Cinnamon are its flexibility and its powerful programming interfaces. This lets us implement solutions resembling individual software with respect to the accurracy they match your requirements, but at the same time use the complete, reliable Cinnamon infrastructure. Therefore, we can achieve very good software quality and density with moderate effort.

Cinnamon provides functionality like the following:

  • Versioning with branching support
  • Powerful lifecycle and permission system
  • Workflow engine
  • Translation management
  • Publication framework
  • Index-based search

Cinnamon use cases include the following:

  • Document Management
  • Component CMS applications, like technical documentation
  • Plant and project documentation
  • Integration platform
  • Publication and content distribution
  • Content planning
  • … and much more

Please contact us. We will demonstrate Cinnamon and show you how we can solve your requirements on the platform.

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