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Terminology Management Systems

A Terminology Management System (TMS) is a database providing a data model for the organization of multilingual terminology that must (or must not) be used in any written communication in its scope. TMS help organizing terminology on a level that defines a concept (including pictures, written definitions and references to other sources). The concept level contains references to mandatory and forbidden designations in the various languages. Both concepts and designations can have further attributes (for example, properties like gender or other types of grammatical classification). Modifications are tracked.

Due to the high relevance of TMS for both technical writers using an tools like XML or other editors and a CCMS, and translators using a TM, it is common that there are integrations of TMS with XML editors and Translation Memory solutions available. Many Translation Memory software vendors, particularly the well-known market leaders, also have TMS products that integrate with their own and possibly other tools.

To enable data exchange between TMS from different vendors, there is an XML based standard exchange format, TBX (Term Base eXchange). Most TMS solutions can read and write TBX.


Our own product pureTBX is strictly based on TBX.

Like any other TMS, it allows you to manage different terminologies and edit concepts and terms. There are different views and filters to efficiently find the data you are looking for. Since pureTBX works on the TBX standard as its native data model, you can export or import data from other vendors' systems anytime.

pureTBX is a lightweight solution by design, and therefore, we not only offer a client-server-version based on an XML database, but also a stand-alone, single-user version that works on local files.

Apart from standard TMS functionality, pureTBX allows you to easily find and repair duplicates, contradictions and infrictions of rules that you define by Regular Expressions.

What we can do for you

  • TMS product selection consultancy, if you need a full-scale system from one of the major vendors.
  • Demonstrate the features of pureTBX, if you need a lightweight system that fits in your budget.
  • Demonstrate the features of pureTBX, if you own a TMS and need a solution to assure quality of the terminology, based on exported and imported TBX from your TMS.
  • Concepts and interface implementation for integration with other software products, like editors, Translation Memory etc.
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