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Lighthouse and sunset

Welcome to texolution

texolution is your independent consulting partner for Document, Content, Process, Product Information and Knowledge Management. texolution is also the initiator and main contributor of the Cinnamon Open Source Enterprise CMS project.


Cinnamon ECMS

  • Find out more about Cinnamon.
  • Contribute to the project.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Documentation Management System

  • Integrate documentation suppliers into your process.
  • Track and publish plant engineering documentation.

Product selection

Product selection

  • Before buying a product, find out what you actually need.
  • Find the best-matching product on the market.

Literature planning and workflow

Literature planning and workflow

  • Organize your documentation process.
  • Efficiently manage authoring and review tasks.

Data conversion and migration


  • Move your data from one system to the other.
  • Choose a reasonable data conversion approach.

Automatic quality testing

Online and offline quality checking

  • Offline cleanup of TMs and other data.
  • Automatic validation of content created by authors.

Starting Points

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.