Technical Project Coordination

Why invest into technical project coordination consultancy?

As a result of product selection consultancy, or along a customer's process of infrastructure optimization, often, one or more software products are introduced. In selection projects with a single software product involved, it makes sense to have external consultancy after the selection step to supervise the software introduction and the implementation of custom functionality or interfaces. Many software projects are agile in character, and thus require more moderation.

This is particularly true in projects where multiple software products are introduced at the same time. Apart from the coordination of the work of each software vendor, there is a level of cross-coordination required to make sure interfaces or processes that touch multiple software tools work as proposed (and intended).

What we can do for you

  • We provide product selection consultancy to make sure you choose the right software product(s) in the first place.
  • We make sure that the combined tools of all software vendors are capable of solving the requirements.
  • Together with the software vendors, we develop approaches to solve integration issues with other products.
  • If required, we support data and process modelling consultancy to make sure the solution takes into account the whole picture.
  • We analyze the proposals of the vendors to make sure all requirements are covered, and whether the volume of proposed work is realistic.
  • After ordering the software, we track the tasks of the vendors and make sure all proposed solutions are actually there and work as intended.
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